Collective Hobonichi Haul

Since my last post, I’ve made two additional orders from Hobonichi. :O To say it’s addicting is an understatement. I posted my hauls on my Instagram, but I wanted to make a blog post showing the hauls collectively. Mostly because I think the photos are eye-candy worthy. I think I’m all set for 2015. What’s funny is I still have a couple things on my Hobo wishlist still, trying to hold off though.

Hobonichi Order #1
Hobonichi Order #1

Hobonichi Order #2
Hobonichi Order #2

Hobonichi Order #3

Hobonichi Order #3

Just in case anyone is unsure about ordering from Hobonichi… I have nothing but great things to say about them. The shipping is fast (4-5 days from Japan to U.S.) and the customer service is outstanding. The products are amazing quality, you will not be disappointed! Join the Hobonichi Facebook groups if you’d like: Hobonichi Techo Eye Candy and Hobonichi Users.

Hobonichi Techo 2015 Haul

Hey everyone! I’m very excited to share my 2015 Hobonichi haul with you guys! Although, first things first, I do feel like I’m all over the place these days. I went from Erin Condren to Filofax, and then Midori to Hobonichi… and basically everything in between. Still trying to see what I like.

I first bought a “Fauxbonichi” Miquel Ruis book from Barnes & Noble. It really is a nice book, but it isn’t the “real” thing, if you know what I mean. I kept seeing more and more posts about the new 2015 Hobonichi line on a Facebook group I’m in (Hobonichi Users)… and well, I finally caved. I had to buy some stuff to check it out for myself! Here’s what I got!


Everything is all so bright and colorful isn’t it? It’s what attracted me to order in the first place! I ordered a total of 17 items on Saturday (9/20) and received it today (9/26), talk about fast shipping! Of course I tracked the package multiple times a day, but we all do that… right?


This is more closer look at the accessories I picked up. When purchasing on the Hobonichi site, you have the option of editing your order and adding more to it until it ships. This can be either good or bad. In my case, I guess it was pretty bad. I merged orders 3 times! Yes, 3x! I couldn’t help myself. What I love the most probably has to be the stencils and sticky note set. The photograph insert and addition pocket accessories sort of bulk up my Hobonichi so I’m not sure if I like those just yet! I am on the hunt for yet another travel case just for my Hobonichi accessories for this reason.


These are the inside of the covers. I chose the A5 Melon Dot cover and the A6 “Some Say The Gate Turned Wishes Into Sound” cover. (And believe me, it was really hard to choose… I am still eying the Rose Poudre cover as well as the MMTS Cat cover!) I purchased the A5 cover for my Miquel Ruis book. I also ordered the A6 English Version Hobonichi which I’m very excited to journal and plan in, come 2015. :)


Isn’t this so pretty?! I love the detailed paintings and the fun bright colors. It really is this vibrant in real life too, which I feel would cheer anyone up each day when they go to journal in it!


I had so much fun playing with my new stuff and setting this up! I am finding that the cover is a little stiff and needs some use to loosen it up a bit, which I see happening very quickly once I get to use this beautiful journal!


Finally, here’s another pic showing the covers and some accessories. If you’d like to purchase or browse the Hobonichi store, you can visit the site here: Don’t blame me if you end up merging additional orders, I warned you!

Until next time,

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Washi Tape Collection Samples

Hello lovelies! In my last post with my Midori I said I was going to update it with photos of the rest of my washi tapes… well I decided to just make a whole new post! These are all of my washi tapes sampled in my Midori Traveler’s Notebook, minus a few which I haven’t sampled yet. After doing this, I’ve realized I have a lot of plain color tapes! Too many!

Washi Tapes: Pink, Purple, & Blue

These are my favorite pages because of colors and patterns. If you can’t already tell, POLKA DOT WASHI is my absolute favorite. I need more, I need more! :D

Washi Tapes: Blues & Greens

How gorgeous are all of the mint and teal?! To die for. Yup.

Washi Tapes: Orange, Red, Neutrals  Washi Tapes: Patterns

Well those are all of my washi! Hope you enjoyed having a look. Most all of them were found at the following stores: Micheal’s, JoAnn’s, AC Moore, Wal-Mart, and Dollar Tree. Some were also purchased on eBay from the seller wangrea. Just be careful buying washi on eBay because some of the tapes are incredibly tiny and have very little washi on them.


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My Midori Traveler’s Notebook

Welcome to my blog and my first post! I’m so excited to start blogging to share my love of planners and crafting… and of course, you know, CUTE STUFF. That’s what this blog is about. Cute. Stuff.

I have been working my butt off on getting the blog together just the way I want it… which is really difficult because I’m a perfectionist and I change something 100x before I like it. Bare with me. I want to get my first post up, but I haven’t gotten my nice big camera out to take nice photos yet. So I’m going to use some of my Instagram photos for this post. I hope that’s okay! :)

Midori Haul
(midori & pen loop: amazon) (refills/inserts:

I purchased a regular sized Midori Traveler’s Notebook and accessories for it back in May. As you can see, I purchased a lot of accessories and refills! I purchased blank, grid, lined, and kraft notebooks. Personally, I thought I would want a “chunky” Midori with a lot of notebooks in it… but I didn’t like it. So I’m not really using all of these notebooks in it currently. The reason I didn’t like it was because first of all, I wasn’t using them all. It was too overwhelming to decide which to use what for. Second, you have to get creative with how you install the notebooks with the extra bands. It just wasn’t working for me, but others seem to love chunky Midori’s!

Midori Traveler's Notebook
(charm: (uni style fit pen: (sticky notes & washi: ebay)

This is what it looks like so far after unboxing it and semi-setting it up. Yes it gets scratched. And yes, I love it! I’m so happy that I can let this baby get scratched and I don’t even care. I won’t get into what I do OR say when I accidentally scratch my Filofaxes, haha. Anyway, moving on! I absolutely adore the “it is what it is” charm. I’m also so happy that my favorite pen ever fits in the medium size Midori pen loop (it’s the 3 barrel uni style fit, not 5 barrel). The inserts I have inside include the zip pocket, kraft folder, card file, kraft paper notebook, and a blank notebook.

Midori Washi Tape Inventory

I love it. I love the Midori. You won’t know why everyone says they love it until you get one. It’s just so cute and fun. But… this is all I’ve done in it so far. I know… I’m sad lol. I’ve put a sample of every single one of my washi tapes in it (this is only two pages). I might edit this post and show the other pages! :)

Honestly, I think the reason I haven’t done anything else in it yet is because I’m scared. As I’ve already said, I’m a perfectionist. And it’s bad. I have this problem with wanting everything to turn out perfect… so I procrastinate a lot. But anyway, I AM going to conquer this. I am going to start using the Midori for journaling/collaging. And I’m SO excited. I will definitely be blogging my journey with the Midori. How do you use yours if you have one? Do you love it?

Until next time!

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